Jess McCulloch Journalist biodesign future climate design thinking
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Jess McCulloch

Writer and editor for science, design and tech ideas improving the world.

I'm always on the lookout for creative innovations solving social and climate challenges. My current obsessions include circular design, AI and synthetic biology for food and health.My seven year career in content marketing means I'm familiar with the inner workings of many industries, from architecture to sustainability. I'm also the director of Unbore, a curious ecosystem of art, design, science and tech.While I live in Amsterdam in the design-forward country of the Netherlands, I also love to spend time in London to catch creative exhibitions.

Jess McCulloch Journalist biodesign future climate design thinking

Writing and editing

You can read a selection of my articles and research here.

Science, tech, art and design

Climate crisis



Jess McCulloch Journalist biodesign future climate design thinking

Content marketing career

For seven years, I've professionally managed the content marketing for creative organisations β€” everything from website blogs and high profile social media accounts to popular email newsletters and digital events. I occasionally work with selected brands as a freelance copywriting, PR and marketing consultant with my business Humankind Creative.β¦Ώ What Design Can Do, a positive impact non-profit
β¦Ώ Syllucid, a sustainable start-up
β¦Ώ Unbore, a bioart foundation
β¦Ώ Synthesis, a psychedelic retreat and education start-up
β¦Ώ DIAGEO and Oliver Agency, global luxury drinks brands
β¦Ώ Purcell, an award-winning architecture practice
β¦Ώ King & McGaw, an art and interior design website


The best place to reach me? Email jessmccullochwriter [at] gmail [dot] com, or message me on LinkedIn.Business name: Humankind Creative

Journalist biodesign future climate design thinking